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1-13-15 Have you Told Your Customers About the Chews-4-Health International Autoship Program Yet?

What is the Auto Ship program? Sign up to receive your favorite Chews-4-Health International products each month and receive 5% off your Autoship order. Orders are processed on the same date of your choosing each month and automatically sent to your home. Never run out of your favorite products! How does this benefit you as an affiliate?

12-9-14 Earn Extra Money for the Holidays

Want to earn extra money for the Holidays? Recruit your friends to become Chews-4-Health Affiliates and earn commission on their sales! Chews-4-Health International Affiliate Marketing Commission Structure: 33% Three Tier Commissions: We have a three tier commission structure and there is no limit on how much you can earn.

11-27-14 Buy One Get One 50% Off! Black Friday and Cyber Monday Super Savings!

Buy One Get One 50% Off! Black Friday and Cyber Monday Super Savings!

11-11-14 Current Promotions and Holiday Deals

The upcoming holiday months are quickly approaching! We want to take a few minutes to remind you of our current promotions and introduce some never seen by our customers before. You can find these banners and promotions in your Affiliate Back Office.

10-28-14 New Promotions and Web Banners for November

For the month of November we have new promotions and coupons running. Here is a preview of the coupons, they will be uploaded in your affiliate back panel on November 1. Please note the expiration dates for these promotions.

10-14-14 Promos extended through October 31 – Exciting News Ahead

We are currently in the process of creating a new interactive newsletter. It is our goal to pass along the information you need to easily and conveniently post our banners and graphics to your website from one location. We are continuously looking for new ways to assist our affiliates and we value your input.

9-29-14 New October Promotions and Web Banners are Now Available

New web banners have been added to your affiliate back office for your October promotions. Offers are good until October 31, 2014 – cannot be combined with any other offer.

9-9-14 Dr. Friedman’s Latest Health Article: Low Testosterone Could Your Cell Phone or Laptop be to Blame?

Today more men suffer from low testosterone than ever before in history and it is now considered an epidemic! The causes of low testosterone (also called low T) are perhaps more shocking than the percentage of men who suffer from this mentally and physically debilitating condition.

8-11-14 Dr. Friedman’s Latest Health Article: Do You Have Text Neck?

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of texting while driving, but did you know that there are also health risks from texting even while you’re standing or sitting on your couch? The condition is called Text Neck, one of the most common conditions I treat at my office.

8-5-14 New August Promotions and Web Banners are Now Available

New web banners have been added to your affiliate back office for 2 new promotions for the month of August. Take 15% off the purchase of any Chews-4-Health International products OR 10% off IGNITE Chewable Energy. Offers are good until August 31, 2014 – cannot be combined with any other offer.

7-8-14 New Promotion and Web Banners

New web banners have been added to your affiliate back office for the TrimULean Stay Trim All Summer Long Promotion (See details below). In addition to image banners, we have also added the below email banner for you to send to all of your contacts so they can take advantage of this fantastic offer and start earning commissions.

7-3-14 Chews-4-Health International Celebrates their Anniversary and July 4th with an EXPLOSIVE Offer

This Independence Day marks the beginning of Chews-4-Health International’s 8th year in business and we want to take this opportunity to thank each of our loyal customers by offering a special choose your own discount off any order. Simply choose the discount that best fits your dietary supplement needs.

6-23-14 New Web Banners in Your Affiliate Panel

We have uploaded two new web banners to help you promote our Affiliate Marketing Program to Network Marketers. Plus, copy and paste the below bullet points into an email to promote our free Affiliate Marketing Program to anyone you may know who is frustrated with Network Marketing and looking for a great new income opportunity.

6-2-14 Give your Father the Gift of Health and Energy this Father’s Day!

Purchase 2 or more boxes of IGNITE™ Chewable Energy at the retail price of only $24.95 and receive 20% off of your entire order! Offer good from June 2nd through June 15th, while supplies last! Use coupon code DAD20 at checkout.

5-19-14 Congratulations to our New Royalty Rewards Program Winners!

Chews-4-Health International now offers an Affiliate Royalty Rewards Program! With this lucrative new program, all of our Affiliate Marketers are eligible to earn a per unit royalty on every product sold through their Affiliate organization (up to $2.50 per unit)! Affiliates can also earn a Caribbean Cruise for two, a $750.00 per month car bonus and a Rolex watch!

5-6-14 Chews-4-Health International Launches Global Market Franchises

Chews-4-Health International is proud to announce that Global Franchises are now available to anyone seeking to own their own business. Being a Chews-4-Health International franchise owner gives you exclusivity to international markets around the world.

4-25-14 It’s Smoothie Season!

Are you part of the smoothie craze? Do you have a blender, nutri-bullet or magic-bullet at home? Millions are creating daily smoothies for better health and weight loss – but did you know that by adding the Chews-4-Health™ Dietary Supplement into your favorite smoothie, this adds 16 powerful, health enhancing ingredients to your morning breakfast or midday snack.

4-14-14 How to Use Banner Ads to Earn More Commission

You see them on many of the webpages you visit: web banner ads. So there must be something to this, right? Exactly! As an Affiliate, web banners are the easiest way for you to earn thousands in commissions 24/7.

4-07-14 The Power of Social Media – Spotlight on Facebook

Did you know that there are over 1 billion users on Facebook? That is 1 billion reasons to not only have a Facebook account but to use it to share your experience with the Chews-4-Health International product line! Facebook is the ideal platform to reach your target audience:

4-01-14 Chews-4-Health International at Expo West

Natural Products Expo West, the leading trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry was a record breaking event this year and the Chews-4-Health International product line was featured!

3-24-14 Mini Training – Promoting the Blog

Promote the Health and Wellness Blog for Extra Sales! This is another great way to promote the products. Send links from our informative health and wellness blog posts to your customers or post them on your website.

3-17-14 New and Improved TrimULean is Here-Savings Inside for a Limited Time

Now TrimULean™ comes to you in a brand new package with a new recipe to help you lose those unwanted pounds – TrimULean Cocoa!

1-07-14 Breaking Affiliate News

Chews-4-Health International is excited to announce the launch of the newly designed website. How does this affect you? You can now enjoy a state-of-the-art replicated website boasting health and wellness articles, videos and audios and share this with potential customers.

9-20-13 New Training Video Available – How To Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

Enclosed is a link to our latest training/marketing video to help guide you on your way to successful internet marketing. Learn how to post web banners, do an email marketing campaign and the basics of Social Media Marketing.

9-17-13 We’ve Increased Your Commissions!

In addition to 33% commissions paid out to our Affiliates on 3 tiers and the 10% Profit Sharing Program, Chews-4-Health International has raised the commission payout for large retail sales from 3% to 17%!

9-6-13 Share in the Amazon Profits!

Chews-4-Health International is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Amazon! All 4 of our first-to-market products are now available for purchase on, exclusively through Chews-4-Health International. What does that mean to you as an Affiliate of Chews-4-Health International?

8-26-13 Website Announcement

We’re excited to announce that effective today, the complete Affiliate Marketing Program and your replicated sites have all been transferred back over to our main site –! This now makes it simpler for you to share your Affiliate URL information.

8-19-13 New Email Marketing Tool!

A brand new email marketing tool has been uploaded to your Affiliate Panel. To utilize this professionally designed email blast to send to anyone you think would want to benefit from any of our 4 first-to-market, doctor formulated products, please log in to your Affiliate Panel.


How many of your prospects have said to you, “If Chews-4-Health is as good as you say, why haven’t I seen it in stores?” Our products are now available to be sold to national retailers (Gyms, Health Food Stores, Drugstores, Convenience Stores, Sporting Goods Stores, etc.).

8-2-13 NEW training/marketing videos now available!

Everyone is excited about Chews-4-Health International’s affiliate marketing program! Enclosed is a link to our first of many training/marketing videos to help guide you on back office functionality, setting up your affiliate account and how use banner/links to promote your business.