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Fountain of Youth – Red Wine


Red Wine-The Fountain of YouthRemember back in the day when you went out to your back yard, took off your shoes, and jumped in a vat of grapes– trying to capture the natural substance in red wine?  Well– maybe we all didn’t have a vat in our yards and it was all in a dream, but I’m sure we considered at some point– is red wine really healthy for us?

The American Heart Association has recently recognized the benefits of red wine. They now recommend drinking one glass per day for females — and 2 glasses per day for men.  There are even some researchers that attribute their superior health to their consumption of red wine.

Health Expert Dr. David Friedman and product formulator of  Chews-4-Health  says, “Actually,  it’s not the alcohol that creates the health benefits. It’s an ingredient in the grapes called resveratrol.”  He continues, “In laboratory tests, resveratrol has shown to have anti-aging, anti-oxidant and anti-coagulant properties– which means it keeps the arteries from clogging”.  Dr.Friedman says he’s included this powerful ingredient along with 15-others in  his Chews-4-Health dietary supplement. 

View Dr. Friedman’s interview on Lifetime’s Morning Show

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