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How IGNITE Compares


See How Ignite Compares

We’ve all seen the commercials containing  the promise of “all day energy” and the shelves in convenience stores  lined with different flavors of 16oz cans of energy. It seems so easy to chug liquid and increase the alert feeling we crave, but at what cost? Energy drinks are known to cause dehydration and most have around 500mg of caffeine which is  ten times the amount found  in coffee.  In addition alot of the energy products found on the market contain the ingredient Taurine which is linked to high blood pressure.  IGNITE™ Chewable Energy has been formulated to increase energy and  focus with no crash or jitters later plus contains NO chemicals that can be dangerous to your health.  See below how the IGNITE™ chewable energy product compares to those on the market today:



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