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The Healthy Coffee Alternative!

Nothing feels better than a warm cup nestled in your hands to help wake you up in the morning. Instead of reaching for that cup of coffee, why not get a healthier boost from nature?


Introducing IGNITEA™ a first-to-market product by Chews-4-Health International! A tea so unique it has a worldwide “Patent Pending” status on its delivery system and proprietary ingredients! Unlike tea bags where the leaves and ingredients are heated and discarded, with IGNITEA™, all the ingredients remain. Boiling our IGNITE™ wafers in water releases their volatile oils and esters from the exotic leaves, herbs and seeds. This heating process helps to expand the blood vessels for quicker absorption and even better results! In less than one minute the alertness, endurance and fatigue fighting ingredients go to work – helping you jump start your day!

Why choose IGNITEA™ instead of coffee?

Drink-IgniteaBecause IGNITEA™ offers you health enhancing phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants without any of the negative health concerns associated with coffee. IGNITEA™ is the healthier alternative to coffee!
Vitamin B12: promotes stamina and endurance.
Green Tea: provides metabolism boosting antioxidants
Panax Ginseng: fights fatigue and increases mental awareness.

These are just a few of the 11 energizing ingredients found in IGNITE™! Try new IGNITEA™ – a warm sip of energy to start your day off right. The taste is smooth and citrus with a wonderful orange blossom smell! You will love both the flavor and the surge of energy you get!

It’s time to Kick the Coffee and IGNITE™ Your Morning!!

Ignite-MugThe perfect recipe for the upcoming winter season!

Here’s What You Need:
8oz cup
1 IGNITE™ chewable tablet
8oz water

Here’s What You Do:
Place one IGNITE™ chewable tablet into 8oz of water and bring to a roaring boil.
Pour into mug.
Let dissolve for 3-5 minutes.
Stir. Let Cool. Enjoy!