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Whole Body Transformation System

Whole Body Transformation System

Everyone wants to get healthy in the New Year. Sadly, 92% of resolutions are abandoned by January 20 each year. Make 2015 Your Year to be healthy!   Choose the Whole Body Transformation to KEEP YOU MOTIVATED and FOCUSED on staying the course, enabling you to achieve optimal health!

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  • What if you had three renowned leading experts in Exercise, Diet and Nutrition guiding you on staying the course and achieving your new goals?
  • And what if you had a way to get “fit in a flash” with just 7 minutes of exercise, easy tips on eating right and natural products to help you sleep better, provide nutrients, eat less and cheat less?
  • What if you could see real changes in your health and achieve your ideal weight within only 90 days?
  • And what if you could do it all, including 4 powerful, health enhancing supplements, for just $59.95 per month?


With the Whole Body Transformation you’ll have three coaches to guide you each month:

  1. 1. Videos and exclusive interviews with America’s favorite Fitness Expert Denise Austin
  2. 2. Diet and eating tips from Best Selling Author Erin Palinski  and
  3. 3. Nutritional tips from David Friedman, nationally syndicated radio and TV health expert

They will kick-start your Whole Body Transformation in the first 90 days! Together this elite team will get you into shape, help you feel and look better inside and out!

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Why the Whole Body Transformation System Works

More than 85% of people that start a diet or exercise regimen quit in less than 3 months. There are three reasons for this.

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  • No accountability. Unless you have a personal trainer that makes sure you show up three times a week or friends who motivate you, it’s too easy not to go to the gym.
  • No results. The weeks go by and no “six pack” and you still can’t fit into your “skinny jeans” so why bother going? If that’s your rationale, you are not alone. People spend years getting unhealthy yet they want instant gratification. What most don’t realize is losing weight and getting healthy requires four phases: exercise, proper diet, nutrition and a good night’s sleep. One without the other is like trying to drive a car without four wheels!
  • Same old boring routine! “Variety” is the spice of life. Without it we get into the same old rut. In order to remain focused, it has to be fun. Things have to change. People need something different to look forward to.


Dr. David Friedman and his Elite Health Team have personally put together a SYSTEM for you that addresses all phases needed to achieve optimal health and ideal weight, but makes getting there FUN!

Erin Palinski, Best-Selling AuthorDenise Austin, America's Favorite Fitness GuruDr. David Friedman, Nutrition Expert

DENISE AUSTIN- Exercise: “America’s Favorite Fitness Expert” gives you a head to toe fat burning program that takes just 7 minutes! This includes core, cardio, upper body, lower body and abs. From a soccer mom taking care of her family while juggling a part-time job to the corporate CEO working 70+ hours a week, this program is designed for people that are pressed for time. From college students to grandparents, Denise gives you a 7 minute solution for beginners to advanced. Fit In A Flash will help you achieve permanent weight loss, while keeping your heart healthy and blood pressure in check.

ERIN PALINSKI- Healthy Eating Habits: Nationally recognized nutrition expert, chef and bestselling author shows you how to make the right food choices for you and your family. Erin Palinski, renowned author of the bestselling book Belly Fat Diet for Dummies offers an A – Z guide showing you how to reach your ideal weight, control your blood sugar, blood pressure and keep your hormones in check. She makes it so easy, anyone can lose weight and keep it off.

DAVID FRIEDMAN- Proper Nutrition:No matter how great your diet, it’s virtually impossible to get the balance of all the nutrients your body requires on a daily basis. Even when your stomach is full, your body can still be starving for essential nutrients. When you’re stressed, your body needs extra vitamins and when you exercise your body needs additional minerals. Dr. David Friedman, syndicated TV and Radio health expert and nutritionist, has created delicious whole food chewable products that help nourish the body and help you eat less and cheat less between meals.


All you have to lose is bad eating habits and unwanted pounds!

Order Now for Only $59.95!

Your 90 day Whole Body Transformation includes:

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  • Denise Austin’s “Fit in a Flash” DVD,
  • Erin Palinski’s Belly Fat Diet for Dummies book
  • Dr. Friedman’s bestselling audio CD – “America’s Unbalanced Diet”


PLUS the Following Products:

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  • Monthly supply of Chews-4-Health™ Dietary Supplement,
  • Monthly supply of TrimULean™ Weight Reduction System,
  • 5 Convenience Packs of Good-Night™ All-Natural Sleep Aid and
  • 5 samples of IGNITE Chewable Energy™.
  • Exclusive monthly interviews with Denise Austin, Erin Palinski, and Dr. David Friedman on keeping you motivated to stay fit and make the right food choices to reach your optimal health!
  • Access to even more health and wellness tools



Exclusive Bonus Offer! – Interviews with Denise Austin, Erin Palinski, Dr. Friedman, and many other health experts!

Let’s face it, we all get excited and motivated when we set our minds to make a change and do something that is good for us – only to lose that spark and excitement the following month. With the Whole Body Transformation you will receive a CD with exclusive interviews from Denise Austin, Erin Palinski and other experts conducted by Dr. Friedman. This arrives to your door to keep you motivated, accountable and FOCUSED on getting healthy and achieving your ideal weight.

All of these health and wellness tools, a $295.00 value, are all yours for just $59.95!


You can’t do it alone! Join today and let three of the nation’s leading health/fitness/nutritional experts guide you, motivate you and help you reach your health and weight loss goals!

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*You will be part of a revolutionary 90-day Whole Body Transformation and each month will receive all 4 products plus expert team videos, audios, advice and tools to help you stay the course for just $59.95. (cancel anytime)

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    Meet Your Elite Team

    Listen to Denise and Erin talk about the Whole Body Transformation!

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