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Importance of Sea Vegetables


Importance of Sea Vegetables

Dr. Friedman explains the importance of sea vegetables in his interview on Lifetime’s morning show. “The fruits and vegetables of today are really different than the ones our grandparents ate,” explained Friedman on the July 20 episode of the show. “For instance, you would have to eat 26 apples today to equal the nutritional content of one apple from the year 1914, and eat 10 tomatoes to equal the nutritional content of one tomato from 1940.”

To find food that has not lost its nutritional content over time, Dr. Friedman recommends looking to the ocean. “Sea vegetables contain over 70 whole food vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, and have the same nutritional value as they did 100 years ago. Plus, sea vegetables do not contain the pesticides and chemicals often used in the cultivation of land-based fruits and vegetables,” he said. Sea vegetables also contain the only natural vegetable source of Vitamin D on the planet, and are an excellent source of calcium.

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