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Supplements that Ease Stress


Supplements that Ease Stress
by Dr. David Friedman

After all the  holiday hoopla,  many of you are  dealing with  that dreaded four letter word-  STRESS!  Okay, it actually has 6 letters  but I’m sure you agree, it  should be a  4 letter word.  We all deal with stress differently;  some internalize it while others just let it out.  Stress can zap your energy and many people turn to coffee and caffeinated energy drinks for help.  While you may  think that surge of java is  helping you stay energized during the day,  in reality, it’s taking a toll on your adrenal glands. Coffee and most energy drinks  stimulate your adrenal glands to produce the hormone adrenalin which puts your  body into a “fight-or-flight” state.  This keeps you on edge and makes you snappy.    Since most of us aren’t professional kick boxers and tend to sit behind a desk all day, our body doesn’t need this surge of stress inducing adrenaline.

Don’t Rely on the Jolt of Java!

Top on my list as the best stress-reducing nutrient is Vitamin B12! Research shows that one-third of people suffering from stress do not receive an adequate amount of Vitamin B-12. I believe in B12 so much, it’s one of the 16 key ingredients in the product I formulated, Chews-4-Health, which is a chewable product making it much easier for your body to  digest and absorb.

What are some signs you need some B12 in your diet?

The most definitive way to test your B12 levels is to get a blood test. However, here are a few things to consider:

Age: Many people over age 50 don’t produce enough stomach acid to adequately absorb B12 from their diet.

Drinking Habits: If you drink a lot of alcohol, or if you are taking oral contraceptives, you’re probably B12 deficient.

Eating Habits: Vegans (who eat no animal products) are at risk.

If you find yourself becoming forgetful or having a lack of focus and loss of energy this is a good indicator you need B12. If you are not sleeping at night, you need B12.

There are so many health benefits to vitamin B-12, it can even combat depression! Watch the video below to learn more about supplements that ease stress.

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