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John M.


“In 2010 I suffered a complete muscle tear in my shoulder. I’ve had 3 subsequent shoulder surgeries which has kept me out of the gym.  Because I’m not able to work out, I am not able to burn off all the food I eat. I tried dieting with no success – I still CRAVED FOOD!  Then I discovered TrimULean. I take two delicious chocolate wafers before meals and it immediately  curbs my appetite!  Without dieting and without being able to exercise, I have still been able to lose 50 pounds thanks to TrimULean!  I went from a size 48” waste to 40”. I start every morning with 2 TrimULean and 2 Chews-4-Health along with 10 oz of water to jump start my day. I feel great and stay energized throughout the day! ” – John M.

John M. Before & After
John M.

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