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Celebrity Raves

Denise Austin

Denise Austin, America’s Favorite Fitness Expert says, “I’m sooo excited to be part of the Whole Body Transformation System. This encompasses whole food nutrition, proper eating and  of course- exercise!  … The Whole Body Transformation Package will ignite your metabolism so you can shed those unwanted pounds, increase your energy and help you reach optimal health!”  -Denise Austin

Denise Austin
Shadoe Stevens

Recently, when everyone in my family had a cold and I felt early symptoms, I doubled up on the Chews-4-Health. I stayed healthy. I’ve grown to love the product and can enthusiastically recommend it.

Shadoe Stevens
Jerome the Bus Bettis

I experienced wonderful results with Chews-4-Health!

Jerome 'The Bus' Bettis
Jon "the Beast" Beason

I have used so many supplements in my career as a professional player but Chews-4-Health is by far the best ever. Chews-4-Health gives me the energy, stamina and focus I need to play on Sundays and the antioxidants keep free radicals from building up in my body, allowing me to recover faster from intense practices and games.

Jon 'The Beast' Beason, Pro Bowl MLBCarolina Panthers
Maurice Hicks 49ers

After sustaining several major injuries during my football career, my knees would ache when it rained or was cold, and they often got stiff. I came across Chews-4-Health and it helped those problems go away! It also gives me a boost of energy in the mornings when it’s hard for me to wake up. Chews-4-Health is a great product I recommend to everyone, and even children can take it!!! I’m a Professional Athlete and I love it!!!

Maurice Hicks, formerlythe San Fransisco 49ers
Sherwood Strickland

As a competitive bodybuilder, I’ve found Chews-4-Health to give me the support for ALL my needs. I feel better inside and out, have better mental focus, more stamina and better digestion. And if that’s not enough, its heart-healthy nutrients keep my ticker strong!

Sherwood Strickland, Mr. North Carolina2010

This is James ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith, former world heavyweight champion. I never endorse anything I don’t believe in. Let me tell you this; Chews-4-Health is on the verge of becoming the world champion in the health and wellness industry.

James 'The Bonecrusher' Smith
Nate Miller

Ever since I’ve started taking the Chews-4-Health, I have more energy during the day and I’m able to maintain that level of energy for the whole day! I wouldn’t be able to start my day off right if I didn’t have them!

Nate MillerAtlanta Falcons '95-'97
Stephen Baldwin

If you are taking Vitamins in pill form, you are wasting your money! I take Chews-4-Health and I’ve got to tell you, I can FEEL the difference! It contains super fruits, antioxidants and B12 so you don’t need those mid day energy drinks to get you through the day. Chews-4-Health is a great product that will change your life! Try it and you’ll see for yourself.

Stephen Baldwin

What the Doctors Are Saying

I am an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and spinal care. I speak about Chews-4-Health to everyone. Some of the injuries I see could have been avoided had they taken better care of themselves and used the nutrients in Chews-4-Health. “

George Lambros, M.D.Orthopedic Surgeon

Chews-4-Health exceeds expectations. As a nurse and acupuncturist, I have tried dozens of pills and liquids that promised results but never worked. I felt more energy, endurance and mental focus during the first week of taking the product!

Karen McCarthy, RN, APAcupuncturist

As a plastic surgeon, my work is entirely dependent on the ability of the skin to rejuvenate. I have seen such drastic improvements of skin in patients taking Chews-4-Health, I recommend it to all!

Michael Taylor, M.D., FACSPlastic Surgeon

There is clear association between a diet high in fruits and overall health and skin condition. Chews-4-Health is the best product I have found to date.

Jonathan Stuart Crane, DO, FAOCDDermatologist

The healthy whole food ingredients in Chews-4-Health are VERY impressive. I was excited to find Xylitol was used as the sweetener instead of sugar. Xylitol is a natural low calorie sugar alternative that has received official endorsements from six national dental associations because it has been shown to actually reduce cavities.

Dana Shumate, DDSDDS

I’m a certified Anti-Aging physician, specializing in cosmetic procedures. The results I have seen from patients taking Chews-4-Health have been astounding. I have seen wrinkles clear up, diminishing pigmentation and improved overall youthful appearance. Chews-4-Heath contains so many ingredients beneficial for healthy skin and to have them all in one convenient chewable, there is just no comparison with anything else on the market! I recommend Chews-4-Health to all my patients.

Connie Odom, MDMD Anti-Aging medicine